Anita Mild

Zum Glück gibt’s Rudi Ribisel

Zum Glück gibt's Rudi Ribisel
Cover Hardcover
Size 124 Pages
Format 15,0 x 21,5
ISBN 978-3-7117-4008-3
First published 2019
»Luckily there's Rudi Ribisel!«
A long lost weirdo uncle makes Linus believe in himself.

Beanpole! Dork! Loser! Linus is not having fun at school, especially in gym class, where Konstantin and his gang bully him. Things aren't really better at home, where dad stares at the ceiling since he lost his job. But then – luckily! – Linus' globetrotter uncle Rudi Ribisel comes to visit. He has travelled all around the world, owns two goats and lives in a yurt, a tent, with a beautiful garden around it. Inspired by his uncle Linus doesn't know which fun thing to do first: bake an Italian pizza, feed the goats or stargaze into the night sky with his friend Franziska? If only Linus didn't have to partake in the big sports competition at the end of the school year ... A fun story about the happiness of childhood, the beauty of small things and about learning to stand up or yourself.