Barbara Schinko

Zimteis mit Honig

Zimteis mit Honig
Cover Hardcover
Size 160 Pages
Format 15,0 x 21,5
ISBN 978-3-7117-4012-0
First published 2019
»Cinnamon Ice Cream with Honey«

Moritz spends a lot of time at the mall. His parents run the ice cream parlour there and he helps out after school. This girl Mila is there a bunch too, daily actually, as he notices. But she never has enough money with her to buy ice cream. So, Moritz gives her some cinnamon ice cream with honey, a flavour no one likes very much. But why doesn't Mila have to go to school? And what is she doing in the closed carpet store? Slowly it dawns on Moritz: Mila doesn't have a home. But what can he do to help his friend without getting her into trouble?

Barbara Schinko's novel deals with homelessness in a way suitable for children: by means of a captivating story full of empathy and beautiful illustrations.