Sarah Michaela Orlovský / Michael Roher

Filomena Grau

Filomena Grau
Cover Hardcover
Size 144 Pages
Format 15,0 x 21,5
ISBN 978-3-7117-4010-6
First published 2019
»Filomena Grey«

Filomena's world turns darker than her name when her family decides to move to the countryside. She misses the city, her old school and all her friends. And it sure doesn't help how much her parents are enjoying and celebrating their new lifestyle. Nor that the stars compete with the campfire about who can shine the brightest. And above all, silly Merlin know-it-all-wannabe-friend keeps bugging Filomena and makes her anger even worse! Maybe a fuzzy friend could help?

Sarah Michaela Orlovský creates a brave and fun young heroine who lives in her own filo-world and speaks her own filo-language. A filo-menal children's novel!