Cornelia Travnicek / Birgitta Heiskel

Zwei dabei

Zwei dabei
Cover Hardcover
Size 32 Pages
Format 21,5 x 28,5
ISBN 978-3-7117-4013-7
First published 2019
»Two Contenders«

Johanne und Ranjeet are different – in pretty much every way imaginable – but both have the same dream: participating in the Olympic Games. In figureskating, to be precise.
Too bad it’s way too hot for ice-skating where Ranjeet is from, and all the other kids make fun of him for being small. Where Johanne is from it is freezing cold and everybody plays ice hockey. Strong and tall Johanne always wins, but no one ever wants to dance on the ice.
One day, Johanne from the North and Ranjeet from the South travel to the Olympic Games. Will they be able to figureskate there and fulfil their dream?

Award-winning author Cornelia Travnicek has written an empowering children's book on overcoming the feeling of being different and going for one's dreams.